HQ Control Panel with Locker

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ATTENTION- Organizations that have not yet had training on the HQ Unit and/or RFID Vial Tracking are required to do so.  If this applies to your organization, please add either Online Training or On-Site Training. Your HQ will not ship without being accompanied by training.

The NarcBox HQ is designed to provide Narcotic security at your base of operations or main resupply center. The integration of the NarcBox HQ into your system provides true cradle-to-grave tracking from the minute a controlled substance enters your organization until it is administered to a patient.

NarcTrak and NarcTrak Pro combine cloud connectivity with modern engineering to meet the challenges of the healthcare industry for customized, accountable, and DEA-compliant Narcotic and controlled substance security. EMS, Fire, Nursing, and other healthcare services need solutions that can scale with decentralized treatment locations.

NarcTrak clients manage security and view reports on our cloud platform - Simply log on anywhere from EMSLogik.com.

Our secure platform empowers administrators to...

  • Customize access protocols for all NarcBox devices
  • Set permissions between admins, employees, and EMTs
  • Configure group access within larger organizations
  • Create and export event, usage/waste, and inventory logs for DEA-compliant reporting
  • Know the location of all medications in your organization with RFID Vial Tracking

Every HQ Locker is assembled in the US with a durable exterior of aircraft-grade anodized aluminum and 2 stainless steel locking mechanisms.

HQ Control Panels use resistive-touch screens that work with pressure, so gloves don't get in the way of operation.

Access to HQ devices can be customized with 1 or 2-user access, admin or EMT witness requirements, and each user having unique credentials.

Unique access credential options:

PINs, RFID Cards, Biometric Fingerprint Scanner, Employee ID

HQ Control Panels include Biometric Fingerprint Scanners

Each HQ device can be used to:

  • Create, track, and audit RFID-tagged inventory
  • Provide and monitor customizable access
  • Report shift changes and perform audits
  • Monitor Medication Temperature

All events on the HQ are reported instantaneously when connected to Wi-Fi.

In the event of a power outage, each HQ Panel and HQ Locker is equipped with up to 10 hours of battery life.

HQ Control Panels and HQ Lockers can be securely mounted to walls with the included mounting panel. 

Power Supplies:

HQ Panel: 120V HQ power supply is a grounded plug for North America

HQ Locker: 110V power supply is an ungrounded plug for North America

HQ Control Panel with Locker
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