NarcBox XL

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*Please be advised order fulfillment time is currently 2-4 weeks*

NarcBox XL has an extended aluminum body with 2X the storage capacity as our standard NarcBox!

NarcBox XL combines cloud connectivity with modern engineering to meet the challenges of the healthcare industry for customized, accountable, and DEA-compliant Narcotic and controlled substance security. EMS, Fire, Nursing, and other healthcare services need solutions that can scale with decentralized treatment locations.

NarcBox clients manage security and view reports on our cloud platform–

Simply log on anywhere at

Our secure platform empowers administrators to...

  • Customize access protocols for NarcBox devices
  • Set permissions between admins, employees, and EMTs
  • Configure group access within larger organizations
  • Create and export event, usage/waste, and inventory logs for DEA-compliant reporting
  • Know the location of all medications in your organization with RFID Vial Tracking

Every NarcBox XL device is assembled in the US with a durable exterior of aircraft-grade anodized aluminum and stainless steel locking mechanism.

NarcBox uses resistive-touch screens that work with pressure, so gloves don't get in the way of operation.

Access to NarcBox XL devices can be customized with 1 or 2-user access, admin or EMT witness requirements, and each user having unique credentials.

Unique access credential options:

PINs, RFID Cards, Biometric Fingerprint Scanner, Employee ID

Each NarcBox XL device can be used to:

  • provide and monitor customizable access
  • report shift changes and perform audits
  • track medication inventory, expiration dates, and lot numbers
  • log medication usage and waste
  • monitor medication temperature

With 24/7 monitoring, all events on the NarcBox are reported instantaneously when connected to your station or vehicle wi-fi.

Off the grid vehicles? No problem.

NarcBox XL is equipped with 50 hours of battery life– Each NarcBox XL syncs with our servers when it comes back into wi-fi range at regular intervals.

NarcBox XL devices can be securely mounted in vehicles and come equipped with multiple power input locations and a rotatable view screen so it can work where it fits best.

Power Supply Options:

12V power supply plugs into vehicle auxiliary power outlets

110V power supply is a standard, ungrounded plug for North America

NarcBox XL
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